How Power Pruners Bring Back the Joy in Pruning

Not every gardener, novice or professional, share the same sentiments when it’s time to prune tough woody stems using a hand pruner that leaves your hand sore after too many plants have been pruned. This applies particularly to the elderly or those suffering from arthritic conditions and hand-related accidents. Pruning becomes an unwelcome burden in these cases so it’s a wise decision to look for better alternatives that will bring back the joy of pruning.

The first example can still be classified as a hand pruner although it works by using the ratchet principle where you don’t have to utilize real hand pressure to cut through sturdy wooden plant stems. By placing the stem between the blades, you simply employ a few light squeezes on the handles. Every squeeze cause the blades to close further until the stem is severed.

On the next level, you can purchase corded electric pruners. There is also the cordless electric pruner which runs on a rechargeable battery, not unlike cordless tools like the power drill or power screwdriver.

Though they share the same features, most gardeners prefer the cordless pruner because of its ease of use and portability. This time, you don’t have to apply hand pressure; merely depress the trigger and the blades close to cut the stem.

You can also choose a gas-powered pruner which is run by compressed gas which is usually propane. You place the blades against the stem that has to be pruned, press the trigger which releases the gas that closes the blade.

A gas pruner comes in two types. One can be connected to a gas canister, similar to those that operate paintball guns, and used commercially. Then there is the refillable version that houses a small gas chamber that is refilled by a larger propane refiller tank. This operates much like a refillable gas lighter.

All these three types of garden pruners provide ease and convenience for the user. The ratchet-type pruner needs light hand pressure to operate the blades, while the electric pruner, as well as the gas pruner, needs no hand pressure whatsoever besides pressing the trigger mechanism that closes the blades to cut the stem.

You don’t have to give up the joy of pruning just because your hands can’t take it. If you only have limited strength in your hands, then these new pruning devices will surely bring back your enjoyment in pruning.​

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