The Popularity Of Vintage Gas Stoves

Just as the vintage refrigerator quickly became a cool must have item for sports bars, and personal rec rooms, vintage gas stoves are climbing up towards that must have list. I am sure you have seen a variety of cool restored vintage refrigerators in magazines and on TV shows, and there are even some popular cable TV programs that have made a bundle from buying old refrigerators and restoring them to a new condition, and with that popularity came the next breed; vintage gas stoves.

Old gas stoves like the 1934 Magic Chef Deco have sold for as much as $5800.00, and if you think that is crazy, then what about a 1904 Estate 12 burner gas stove that was recently sold for $15,000.00. It seems that there are many people that consider the American craftsmanship of vintage appliances to carry as much value as other vintage collectables.

The High Quality Vintage Gas Stoves Were Made Off

Because of the high quality materials that were used with these vintage stoves, they are most times very easy to have repaired or refurbished, making them perfect for use in homes as conversation pieces, and as full time working appliances. With the popularity for vintage gas stoves almost equal to vintage ice-boxes, it won’t be long till other appliances from the past join the ranks of other popular collector’s items. Some people prefer spending more money on these stoves instead of buying and ordinary, mass produced gas oven.

Some Popular Gas Stoves

I am sure that you know that using one of these vintage gas stoves will surly cost more money to cook with compared to the ultra efficient gas stoves currently on the market, but for those who can afford to spend a little more each month to own a piece of American history will see the expense well worth it.

Other popular vintage stoves have been the Ben Franklin , and pot belly stove, and those giant fine white enamel gas stoves from the 1940s that were manufactured by OKeefe and Merit and a few other old time manufacturers.

Highly Visual Vintage Gas Stoves

  • One of the coolest and highly visual vintage gas stoves has to be the 1936 Bright Yellow with Jade Green Western Holly
  • This vintage gas stove boasts a modern art deco look with a porthole window, double side by side gas ovens with a broiler below.
  • The top deck has a beautiful chrome 4 burner range and a lovely center griddle with a chrome cover.
  • Add in the slick analog clock and timer and you have a winner of the coolest vintage gas stove ever.

As with many things in life, people like to own a piece of history. Collectors especially, find value in items of a long lost era. Vintage gas stoves, is just that, they are pieces of an era gone by and some people love the look and sense of style these items bring to room. If you are one of them, then you will surely understand the appeal of a vintage gas stove.

Reading Gas Stove Reviews Can Help Save Money

Saving money is an important task for everyone, especially homeowners and large families, but what many of them do not know is they could be wasting money on heating and cooking costs because they overlooked the best gas furnace and gas stove reviews that could have saved them money.

Do The Necessary Research

It could be hard to conceive, but spending a few hundred dollars to save thousands could be as easy as reading online gas stove reviews before you make your next purchase of a freestanding gas heating stove or kitchen stove. There are many local and energy advocacy organizations that are fully committed to providing consumers responsible and accurate reviews, comparisons and detailed buyer information on just about every home heating system available, including possible state and Federal rebates and incentives for upgrading your kitchen stove or even that freestanding stove you have in your vacation cabin.

  • Using the internet as a source for gas stove reviews can also help your consolidate your time and energy by letting you select the type of information that is most important to you and your family, especially when your primary concern is staying within your budget.
  • Sometimes the information you need is not as clear as you would like, but that issue can easily be solved by calling your local utility company and asking for recommendations for the right website that can give you the information you need.

kitchen stove

Asking Advice About Energy Costs

Saving money on your energy costs is all about asking the right questions.

  • A great place to start would be at your local city or county energy website; these are valuable sources for tips and information that is pertinent to you and can help you understand things like energy star ratings for kitchen stoves, and where to find easy to understand gas stove reviews, service providers and stores that offer the lowest prices in your area.
  • Although cost usually plays a big part in deciding on a stove, some people don’t mind spending money to get exactly what they want.
  • Take vintage gas stoves for instance; even though newer stoves are more efficient and have a cheaper price, many people buy the vintage stoves only for their looks and the feel they can give to a room.

Once you have gathered a list of the gas stoves that are within your budget, the next step is to research price versus energy ratings, you may find that a lower priced stove may actually be an energy hog, costing you more money annually than spending an extra hundred dollars for a higher priced unit would be. If at all possible it would be wise to buy according to energy star ratings, so keep this mind and rather save money for another month or two to ensure you buy the best stove.

The primary goal of using gas stove reviews is to fully arm yourself with the facts about energy usage and costs for home heating and cooking, and with these facts make wise purchasing decisions that will help you reduce your energy costs and make your home more efficient. Neglecting to spend time on oven reviews could turn out to be a really costly mistake.

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