Got Limited Planting Space? Try Raised Garden Beds

The use of raised garden beds designs provides additional planting area when you are working on limited garden space. By planting upwards instead of outwards, you can manage to grow more crops within the same area. Trailing plants like cucumbers and squash find raised garden designs more conducive to growth. Strawberries also thrive successfully on raised gardens.

Allowed to grow in their own area, plants in raised beds will provide more fruits and vegetable and discourage the growth of weeds. This is because plants grow thick in their own space, allowing very little or no space for weeds to survive.

Weeds and grasses, however, have ways to infiltrate any garden so you must also find time to deal with them. If allowed to thrive between the raised beds, they will multiply in no time and invade your garden. Over time, they become tough and deeply entrenched which will make them more difficult to get rid of.

Eliminate the weeds as soon as you see them rise above the ground. This is one advantage of a raised garden; if you see small plants outside the raised beds, you don’t have to think twice to determine whether it is a weed or a vegetable. You can pull out anything that’s outside the raised beds. Within the raised beds, however, you must use caution before pulling anything out.

If you live in the colder area of the country, raised garden beds construction can help insulate the plants’ roots during the winter. Perennial herbs like strawberries come back every year to yield more of their fruits as long as mulch is added at the end of the season. The raised garden’s design protects the roots from cold. This also works for the rhubarb plant.

A raised garden is a beneficial way of keeping your plants healthy and productive without the use of pesticides. If you have never tried this alternative way to raise plants before, then now is the time. Ask for suggestions from neighbors who use this method or, better yet, bring your garden design to your local nursery and ask for professional advice.

Weathered gardeners experienced in raised garden beds will also be happy to offer you suggestions on how to raise plants using the raised bed method. You can also do a bit of research on the internet to get additional information. If you have limited planting space and want to raise more plants, try the raised garden method. This could be your best season yet.​

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