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      As one of the most important vehicle research and development institutions in China, CAERI is building itself into an international R&D organization orienting and serving the world.

      The international science & technology cooperation of CAERI is transformed towards to the direction of comprehensively and actively utilizing global science & technology resources. The level and scale of international science & technology is comprehensively improved. The main foreign science & technology cooperation areas of CAERI include automotive safety, vehicle vibration & noise, automotive energy saving & emission, electric vehicle, alternative fuel automotive, key vehicle parts development, etc. CAERI has carried out in-depth project cooperation with well-known scientific research institutions and enterprises in many countries, including Southwest Research Institute, Argonne National Laboratory, America Delphi, Germany FEV company, UK MIRA company, British Institute of Engineering Technology, Sweden DynaTech Automotive AB, Netherlands Organization for Applied Science Research, Australia Orbital, Japan Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan Automobile Research Institute, etc. In the future, CAERI will continue to strengthen the cooperation with countries having advanced automobile technology in the world, and will strive to build itself into the automobile R&D center and test center having advanced level in the world, so as to make greater contribution to the repaid improvement of China’s automobile development technology and the revitalization of China’s automobile industry.

      Main partner institutions are as follows:

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