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Introduction to Chongqing Engineering Research Centerof Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

        Basic information: Chongqing Engineering Research Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles was found upon approval by Chongqing Science & Technology Commission in 2015. It is a leading third-party engineering consulting service provider for intelligent connected vehicle engineering development and testing certification, the unit responsible for demonstration area of intelligent connected vehicle test jointly built by MIIT and Chongqing government, and a specialist of ISO TC204/WG14 intelligent driving working group. It is also an test evaluation base for intelligent connected vehicles of China ITS Industry Alliance and the leader of commercial vehicle active safety working group of ACIA while being a member of intelligent connected vehicle industry planning and technology roadmap drafting units.

       Main research directions:1EEA and bus development of intelligent connected vehicles;  2Development and test evaluation of ADAS/V2X/ self-driving system integration;  3enchmarking of ADAS/V2X/self-driving vehicle competitors;  4、ADAS/V2X/self-driving hardware-in-the-loop simulation testing, R&D-oriented field test, and open road testing;  5Certification tests of standards and regulations of GB/ISO/ECE/FMVSS/Euro-NCAP and other technology research and engineering consulting services.

       Achievements: Since its establishment, Chongqing Engineering Research Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles plays an important role in MIIT basic capability improvement project - “broadband mobile internet based intelligent vehicles and transportation application demonstration project and product engineering public service platform construction project”, MIIT special project on intelligent manufacturing in 2016 - “intelligent connected vehicle system and communication standardization research and test verification platform”, Chongqing key industrial generic technology themed special project-“research and application of radar sensors and information fusion technology ” and “research and application of Intelligent connected vehicle, and key components as well as parts testing technology ”, and other national or local major projects. It has also undertaken the major special projects on intelligent electric automobiles of People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology-“basic issues on environmental perception and control of intelligent electric automobiles ”, and “intelligent assistant driving technology of electric automobiles”. It has been armed with automatically-driving robots, VBOX equipment, RT3002, UFO, pedestrian simulation system and other advanced testing equipment. The i-VISTA built by it is the first one officially open to the outside world in China, with the support of Electronic Information Department of MIIT. The Center established benchmarking, development, research and development test as well as standard verification ability of mainstream ADAS system, such as ACC, AEB, LDW, BSD and APS, and about 20 intelligent vehicles testing standards authorized by CNAS.

       Person in charge of platform: Gan Haiyuan

       Contact: Chen Tao

       Tel: 18983096523

       Fax: 023-63423954


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