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Chongqing Industry and Informatization Key Laboratory of Electric Automobile Drive System

        Basic information: The Chongqing industry and information key laboratory of electric automobile drive system was found in 2016 approved by Chongqing commission of economy and information technology. It is a research and development base of electric drive systems integrating technical cooperation open service, technology consulting service, and test evaluation service as well as talent cultivation. The operation mechanism with integration of production, study, research and application was formed to provide technical services and products of electric drive power for new energy automobile enterprises.

       Main research directions:1、Research on system integration and complete vehicle control technology of electric automobile;  2、Research on electric drive system and control technology.

       Achievements: Since the establishment, with a focus on development of purely electric automobiles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the laboratory has emphasized developments of electronic control system matching and control strategies, electric automobile power assembly electric-drive rear axles, electric automobile integrated application, etc. The power system suited to purely electric special vehicles, plug-in passenger vehicles, plug-in public buses, etc. has been developed and gone into mass production. The developed products consist of power systems for purely electric logistics vehicles, complete vehicle controllers, integrated clutches, rear-axle electric drive assembly for reducers, etc. It also has an extensive industrialized cooperation with OEMs in China, such as CHANGAN, JIANGLING, LIFAN, SOKON, DONGFENG, SGMW, CHERY and JAC.



       Person in charge of platform: Zhang Yaming

      Contact: Zhou Sha

       Tel.: 023-68650192

       Fax: 023-68662112

       E-mail: zhousha@caeri.com.cn

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