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State and Local Joint Laboratory for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Engineering

        Basic information: State and Local Joint Laboratory for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Engineering aims to improve the capability of independent innovation and core competitiveness of the auto industry, make breakthroughs in key technology and equipment vital to the adjustment of industrial structures and the development of key industries, and strengthen technical support and protection of the major strategic task of national energy saving and emission reduction as well as key projects. Its main task is to build a first-class test evaluation laboratory for complete vehicles and engines in China, which can meet Euro V and more stricter than that, strengthen the research on alternative fuel vehicles and key components as well as parts, and carry out testing and research of the critical process to support and lead the technology development of the industry. It also conducts research on the industrialization technology development and promotes the application of major scientific and technological achievements, and studies the domestic and foreign industrial policies as well as industrial technical standards to guide the scientific development of the auto industry.

        The Laboratory has become a testing and research & development center for alternative fuel vehicles with first-class comprehensive strength in China, serving the development, testing, research, and large-scale production of alternative fuel vehicles.

        Main research directions:1、Test evaluation technologies of engines;  2、Key technologies and industrialization applications of alternative fuel vehicles;  3、Core technologies and industrialization applications of key components and parts of alternative fuel engines.

        Achievements:Over the last two years, the Laboratory has declared 4 national and municipal projects and applied for 3 patents for invention. It has also obtained 3 utility model patents and declared 3 software copyrights. Its published paper has reached 11. The heavy-duty LNG engine control technology developed by the Laboratory has been applied in natural gas engines, such as those from FAW SiHuan, and has performed loading applications in complete vehicles, such as Changan passenger cars. The development of the New World 4102 has been completed by it. Jiangling VM and FAW SiHuan CA4N37C5 have also planned to put into mass production and conduct loading. The Laboratory has also developed ECU products and technologies for PFI convertible fuel which can meet China Ⅳ/China V, and provided coordinative supports for complete vehicle enterprises, such as Yuan and KING LONG.




        Person in charge of platform: Li Kaiguo

        Contact: Li Jingbo

        Tel: 02368679255

        Fax: 02368650196


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