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2016 CAERI the First Extraordinary General Meeting and the F

2016-12-30 15:55:00      Source:CAERI

    On 28th, Dec, 2016, CAERI Board of Directors held the first extraordinary general meeting in Chongqing and changed the board of directors and supervisors. Later on the first meeting of the third board of directors, Li Kaiguo was elected as the Chairman of the third board of directors. Chairman Li Kaiguo nominated Wan Xinming as the General Manager which agreed by the meeting. The meeting also appointed Zhou Benxue, Xie Fei, Zhou Zhou as Deputy General Manager, Liu Anmin as the Deputy General Manager and the Secretary of the board, Su Zili as the Chief Accountant.

    Participants in the meeting deliberated and adopted the Proposal of Electing the Chairman of the Third Board of Directors, Proposal on Appointing General Manager of CAERI, Proposal on Appointing Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of CAERI and Proposal on Election of Members of Special Committee of the Third Board of Directors. All the participants also expressed heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ren Xiaochang and Ms. Liu Xuli for their outstanding contributions to the reform and development of CAERI during their term of the office.

    At present, CAERI is facing the arduous task of transformation and upgrading, Chairman Li Kaiguo required the new board of directors and manager team to carry forward the spirit of hard working and face to the challenges and difficulties in order to make a bright future.


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