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China auto industry intellectual property development forum

2016-12-30 15:26:00      Source:CAERI

    On December 27, 2016, the first China auto industry intellectual property development forum jointly organized by our company and SAE-China was successfully was hosted in Beijing. More than 130 members, including the government leaderships of the Science and Technology Department of MIIT, and Patent Administration Department of the State Intellectual Property Office and the Service Center for Enterprise Innovation, technical directors of main vehicles and key parts enterprises, principals of intellectual property and related specially invited experts, were attended the forum. Hou Fushen, vice executive secretary of SAE-China, was the host of the forum. Chang Limin, associate inspector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology scientific and technical corporation attended the forum and made a speech. Hu Junjian, division head of the State Intellectual Property Office patent administration corporation, made a special report on the intellectual property policies and resources related to China’s support for development of the industry.

   During this forum, the publishing ceremony for the ‘Annual Report on Automobile Industry Intellectual Property Right in China 2016’ (Blue paper of automobile industry intellectual property right) was held. Zhouzhou, vice-general manager of our institute, made an explanation to the contents of the blue paper. The blue paper of automobile industry intellectual property right, which was first published in 2016, was jointly prepared by our institute and SAE-China, China Chang'an Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and other related organizations and units. 

   Finally, Hou Fushen, vice executive secretary, made a conclusion at the meeting, in which he proposed that our institute and SAE-China would continue to maintain the organization advantages of the industry bodies, to build a platform for making communication and cooperation in the field of intellectual property rights and to explore more industry intellectual property right services. At the same time, he hoped that automobile enterprises and related intellectual property right service agents can participate in actively so as to jointly promote the development of intellectual property rights in the automotive industry and lay a solid foundation for building a powerful country of vehicles and intellectual properties.


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