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The first technology training on automotive wind buffeting n

2016-12-06 14:51:00      Source:CAERI

    On November 29, the technology training for automotive wind buffeting noise was successfully held in CAERI convention center, which was organized by SAE-China and Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE-China, and undertaken by CAERI. 23 technicians from GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, BAIC Yinxiang, CD-adapco, Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Technology and Wind Tunnel Center of CAERI participated in the training. The speaker of the training is senior expert of automotive wind buffeting noise, Dr. An Changfa. During the tenure of Chrysler Corporation in the US, Dr. An was responsible for optimizing control of automotive wind buffeting noise for sunroof and side-window. Published at SAE meeting, plenty of his academic papers about formation mechanism and control measures of automotive wind buffeting noise were cited by researchers worldwide.

    This technology training is the first course of the series training on automotive wind buffeting noise. Later on, Dr. An will be invited to conduct training aimed at cavitation flow, Helmholtz resonant cavity and vortex shedding of wind buffeting noise formation mechanism.


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