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Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE - China officially

2016-10-27 14:14:00      Source:CAERI

    Proposal on “Foundation of Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE - China” was passed unanimously by show of hands on the Fifth Session of the Eighth Council of SAE - China & the Eighth Session of the Eighth Standing Council on October 25, 2016. The foundation of Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE - China was proclaimed !

    I      Overview of Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE - China:

    Name: Automotive Aerodynamics Committee of SAE - China (SAE-C/AAC for short). It is a branch of SAE - China and follows the leadership of SAE - China. SAE-C/AAC is attached to China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.

    SAE-C/AAC Committee

    SAE-C/AAC Committee is the SAE-C/AAC governing body which contains 1 chairman, 6 vice-chairmen, 2 advisors, 37 committee members and 1 secretary general.

    SAE-C/AAC Committee fully covers industry-university-research cooperation in auto industry technology field, bringing benefits to technical development and relevant technology achievements transformation in such technical fields.

    SAE-C/AAC Secretariat

    SAE-C/AAC administrative body is the SAE-C/AAC Secretariat whose office address is No. 9 Jinyu Road, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing City, Post Code: 401122. To better perform the work of SAE-C/AAC, 1 deputy secretary-general and 1 full-time staff were added to SAE-C/AAC Secretariat.

    II     Work Plans of SAE-C/AAC in the Near Future

    The First SAE-C/AAC Committee Meeting will be held in the near future to determine SAE-C/AAC work regulations. In this way, purposes, service range, institutional framework of SAE-C/AAC are to be defined and responsibilities of chairman and vice-chairmen, and committee members, and asset management and using principles of SAE-C/AAC are to be specified, after the foundation of SAE-C/AAC was approved by SAE-China Council.

    Meanwhile, the date and theme of The Third International Symposium on Applied Technology of Automotive Wind Tunnel Center 2017 are to be determined; technical training and academic meeting to be organized by SAE-C/AAC in 2017 will be confirmed through discussion; the release plan for automotive aerodynamics industry standards will be confirmed through discussion; development program of basic database of automotive aerodynamics will be settled through discussion; the work that needs to be promoted and completed as the key item by current committee will be determined through discussion; and other issues that require review and consideration.

    The foundation of SAE-C/AAC has set up a platform for learning and communication of scientific and technological workers in China automotive aerodynamics fields. SAE-C/AAC will not only provide technical supports for the healthy development of auto industry, but also contribute to improvement of performance quality and R&D technology progress of domestic self - owned brand automobiles.


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