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Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipality Investigates CAE

2016-08-10 15:18:36      Source:CAERI

    On 14th, July, 2016, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipality, Zhang Guoqing, Secretary of Commission for Science, Technology and Industry, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission, Li Tian’an, Deputy Director of Commission of Economic and Information Commission, Liu Zhong investigated CAERI accompanied by Chairman of CAERI, Ren Xiaochang, Party Secretary of CAERI, Zhou Benxue and General Manager Li Kaiguo.
    Zhang Guoqing and relevant leaders visited collision safety, EV, GV, EMC and NVH labs and watched offset collision test. Zhang Guoqing spoke highly of CAERI and hoped CAERI will make greater contribution to the sustainable development of Chongqing automobile industry.




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