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Guests from German RENK Visit CAERI

2016-08-10 15:02:57      Source:CAERI

    Dr. Mohamed Sfar, Technical Director of German RENK AG and Anouar Jouini, Sales Director of German RENK AG visited CAERI. CAERI Party Secretary, Deputy General Director Zhou Benxue met the guests. The two sides had a broad and in-depth exchange of view on the application of coupling and gearbox used in railway industry and reached an intention to further cooperation with CAERI Vehicle Transmission Manufacturing Co., Ltd. After the meeting, guests visited NVH, component lab and workshop. Relevant leaders from CAERI Vehicle Transmission Manufacturing Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.
    Founded in 1873, Renk AG is located in Augsburg, Germany. It is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality gear box. The famous drum gear coupling was invented in 1934 by Renk AG.



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