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CAERI Declares Common Key technology Innovation Project of K

2016-01-07 10:29:07      Source:CAERI


Recently, Chongqing Science and Technology Commission around the advanced manufacturing, Internet plus, health and other key areas planned to start 18 special project declarations of common key technological innovation of key industries in Chongqing. Among them, in the automotive field the two special themes intelligent vehicle and electric vehicle are firstly started.
    This time CAERI declared a total of five projects, in which three were approved by Municipal Science and Technology Commission, obtaining a total special fund of 14 million yuan. Among them, 2 project applications of Intelligent Vehicle Testing&Evaluation Center were successfully established, wining the special funds of 1100 million yuan; Technical and Economic Advisory Department successfully established one project, wining the special funds of 300 million yuan.
    According to the "13th Five-Year Plan" development strategy and scientific and technological plan guidance of CAERI, the company will continue to organize relevant departments to do a good job in project planning and declaring, will continue to strengthen scientific management level, earnestly enhance process management of research project, push forward the development of every scientific research project, in order to strive for more scientific and technological resources.


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