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2015 Symposium Held in CAERI

2016-01-07 09:46:14      Source:CAERI


On 29th Dec, 2015, 2015 Symposium of CAERI was held in the Conference Hall successfully. More than 150 people of the author, judges and relevant technical staff gathered in the hall, discussing and exchanging ideas on automotive professional and technical problems. Deputy general manager of the company, Zhouzhou Xinming attended the symposium.
Deputy general manager Zhou in the opening ceremony stressed: to strengthen the academic exchange is a strong measure for the company to enhance scientific and technological innovation capacity, also an important way to create a first-class team of science and technology. Annual symposium is an important academic activity regularly held by the company, providing a platform for for the majority of scientific and technical personnel to realize mutual learning and exchange ideas in the technical field. Hope all the staff of the company to increase attention of academic exchanges and participation, to further enhance the level of academic exchange, making the annual academic report play a greater role.

This symposium collects 29 papers in total, involving aerodynamics, gas vehicles and key parts of automobile, powertrain, automotive test equipment, vehicle safety, EMC, lightweight, automotive emissions, knowledge management, project management, intellectual property management. It reflects that the technical staff has made some gratifying achievement in science and technology research and development projects for the year. Through the carefully initial review of relevant experts and reconsideration of technical committee, 12 papers were finally selected for reading and communication. 12 authors including Li Yunpeng Rong Bing etc. read the papers. Judges, participants and the authors discussed and exchanged ideas on related technical problems. The judges according to the evaluation criteria for outstanding scientific papers, conducted a full review and rigorous scoring of each paper and finally selected 4 papers of second prize and 4 papers of third prize.

The symposium specially invited Dr. Pang Jian, chief engineer of Chongqing Changan Automotive Engineering Research Institute and Professor Zhou Enxu of Chongqing University delivered speeches "Dissociate in Product Development and Scientific Research" and "Sustainable Development Strategy of Powertrain in Major Global Auto Companies power ".



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