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CAERI Recruits Specially-Appointed Senior Technical Expert o

2015-12-23 13:53:32      Source:CAERI



To enhance the technical service capabilities in the field of automobile abnormal knocking performance development, CAERI recruits specially-appointed senior technical expert Dr. Guo Youming from Ford Motor Company in the United States as the senior technical advisor for CAERI. On 17th Dec, 2015, Chairman Ren Xiaochang presided over the appointment meeting of senior technical adviser, on behalf of the company to extend gratitude and welcome to the experts.
    Chairman Ren Xiaochang said that CAERI was establishing technical service capabilities of evaluation, diagnosis and forward development of world-class whole vehicle and auto parts sound abnormal knocking performance. The guidance of Dr. Guo will further enhance the company's construction progress and level and at the same time a first-class development technical team will grow to provide better technical service and support for the industry.
    Dr. Guo experts said he would share and pass down years of accumulated technology and experience to play an active role in the capacity building and personnel training of automobile abnormal knocking performance development and other fields, making their own contribution to the development of China's automotive industry.
    Heads from NVH Technical Center, Human Resources Department, Department of Science and Technology and related technical personnel participated in the meeting.



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