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General Manager of CAERI Chosen into the 4th Batch of Chief

2015-11-16 09:27:23      Source:CAERI


Recently, Human Resources and Social Security of Chongqing (HRSSC) announced officially the name list of the leading experts of the 4th batch of Chief Expert Studio. The general manager of CAERI Li Kaiguo applied for it with automotive engineering major and successfully admitted.

Chief Expert Studio was set up by HRSSC in 2013 to implement the Talents Strategy, strengthening high-level talent team construction and fully showing the leading role of technology innovation. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batch respectively set 10 chief expert studios. Principally, the same discipline (second disciplines) set only one major. By the name of the leading expert, Chief Expert Studio was granted name plate by HRSSC to lead the discipline, the industry and the field.

Link of HRSSC: http://zhuanji.cqhrss.gov.cn/u/zhuanji/news_62785.shtml


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