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CAERI Attend the 11th China Jinhua Industrial Science and Te

2010-11-01 13:46:00      Source:CAERI

     On Oct 19, 2010, On invitation of Zhejiang Jinhua municipal government, vice president Xie Fei of CAERI led the directors of related departments to attend the 11th Jinhua, China Industrial Science and Technology Cooperation Conference.

    During the conference, vice president Xie mainly introduced CAERI’s development layout, scientific achievements, existing technological innovation systems and the whole relocation situation. As a representative of CAERI, vice president Xie and the Jinhua municipal government signed a strategy cooperative agreement to further strengthen the cooperation with Jinhua vehicles and components industry.

    Through this meeting, CAERI and Jinhua’s enterprises established a good relationship, and carried out some specific project cooperation.





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