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The fourth Staff Games of CAERI was hold grandly

2010-08-03 08:30:00      Source:CAERI

    First month of summer hold the grand staff games not only exercised the body, but also exercised community cohesive force. on May 15, 2010, The fourth Staff Games of CAERI was hold grandly in Chongqing Medical University stadium. More than 30 departments and the enterprises composed 9 teams and totally more than 800 staffs to attend the competition. President Ren Xiaochang, secretary Zhou Benxue, vice president Li Kaiguo, Xie Yuehong, Xie Fei and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.


    At 8:30 am, with the tide's cheers and applause, the opening ceremony announced the one-day games began. The director of the games organization committee, chairman Xie Yuehong delivered the opening address. Then president Ren Xiaochang announced the staff games beginning.

    In order to let the whole staffs took part in the games, this session’s games had installed the following items: broadcast exercises competition, tug-of-war, track, athletics and so on. Before this had also held the volleyball league tournament. Each competition was very intense, The athletes’ heroic spirit and the unity cooperation spirit infected everybody deeply, whitch has won audiences' intermittent cheers and applause. In the athletic field, the athletes galloped arena, whole-heartedly, the match achieved the result. Out of the athletic field, the referee and the staff let each competition schedule carried on Methodically. The audience and the cheering team gave their continuously cheers and applause to the winners and the lasts.


    Secretary Zhou gave a speech at the closing ceremony, The Games is a cohesion of the people, unity and hard work of the General Assembly. Whether leading the way winner, or tenacious struggle to catch up people who have shown a "higher, faster, stronger" and "participation" in the sporting spirit! Team or individual competition, whether all the steam out of research showing people motivated, tenacious struggle to make progress, scaling the heights of the strong fighting spirit! This is a fine tradition of CAERI 40 years of continuity, is the energetic spirit of CAERI people were shown! We firmly believe that the same spirit and the will, passion and vitality, we will be invincible!

    Although the Game was closed, but "top-notch, work hard", the spirit will continue to go forward. Currently, CAERI’s relocation and large-scale research and testing capacity building works have overall begun. The national strategic has been fixed. Grasping the works of R&D, industry and trade, planing the"12th Five-Year Plan", is heavy responsibility and glorious mission. All CAERI staff will seize the opportunity of steady development of automobile industry, continuously innovate, hard work and make greater contribution to CAERI’s rapid development.



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