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Introduction to Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation of CAERI
  • Basic Information
  •        The Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation of CAERI was set on December 26, 2003 after the approval of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC, and the postdoctoral scientific research workstation has been set in the National Motor Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Chongqing), the National NGV Engineering Research Center, the State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Center and National & Local United Engineering Lab of Alternative Fuel. Since its establishment, leaders at all levels have highly valued the postdoctoral work, and also strengthened the management and investment in organizational leadership, capital investment, postdoctor attraction, training and employment, and construction of postdoctoral workstation, etc., and included the postdoctor into personnel management scope of the Unit. Their personnel and organizational affiliation and social benefits shall be the same as those of equivalent status in the unit, or shall be subject to the agreement. The postdoctors shall be treated as the regular employees of CAERI during work and provided with national regulated social insurance, supplementary medical insurance and enterprise pension, etc., with an annual salary of not less than RMB 100,000 and a right to use the apartment freely; besides, they also enjoy the same medical insurance, etc. as the staff of CAERI.

           Currently, 4 enterprise postdoctors have been recruited, and 12 research projects were completed (including 6 national projects, 4 provincial and ministerial-level projects and 3 unit projects). The scientific research achievements related to industrial development and technological innovation were completed, winning 2 patents, and 13 projects obtained economic benefits. In recent 3 years, the scientific research funds invested by the postdoctoral workstation every year were about RMB 500,000. Of which, one doctor was supported by second-class grants (RMB 30,000) of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

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