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Development Strategy

>>Guiding Ideas

       Further carry out the scientific outlook on development, and the transformation & upgrading and quality improvement & enhancement strategies of GM, master the source of crucial techniques, and improve the core competitiveness of technical service and industrialization business through independent innovation, technology introduction and joint venture.
       Pay more attention to the industrial development of high-tech scientific and technological achievements, form a new business growth platform, and accelerate the business and industrial transformation and upgrading; pay more attention to giving full play to the advantages of capital market, and implement industry expansion through merger & reorganization and joint venture; pay more attention to international exchanges and cooperation, learn the business model of excellent enterprise, and cultivate advanced enterprise culture.

>>Strategic Thought

--Prioritize the R&D field

Cultivate and study the development and technological innovation abilities, reach domestic advanced level in the key and prior development fields, and form sustainable core competitiveness.

--Strongly develop the detection field

Strengthen the test assessment ability of automobile and motorcycle, continuously meet the needs of the state industry managing department and enterprise development, and further enhance the status of the industry.

--Coordinate the steady development industrialization field

Enhance the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, improve the technology content and earnings level in the industry filed, and become the core development platform for transforming the scientific and technological achievements in the advanced manufacturing industry of the group.

>>Development Goals

       Develop the company into a “world-leading and domestic advanced” automotive technology innovation and public technology service platform, and also an application service provider of automotive engineering technology and an integrated supplier of high-tech products. Effectively support and guide the sustainable healthy development of China’s auto industry.

>>Research on Strategic Planning

       The company is formulating 2014-2016 Development Planning according to the requirement and arrangement of China General Technology Group, and carrying out research demonstration on the 12th Five-Year Plan.


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