Cooking Enthusiasts, Consider The Construction Of A Brick Oven For Exceptional Baking

Amateur chefs all should request the construction of  brick oven in their new home or as an outdoor kitchen addition. Why? Pizza, bread and other baked goods are simply phenomenal when baked in a fire-fed brick oven. You can roast meats and even bake casseroles and cakes, all without worrying about cleaning an oven because the heat from the fire burns out any grease or food droppings! Cooking and baking is fast and economical with this masonry model. If you have the opportunity to design the kitchen in your new home or add to your outdoor living space, consider the construction of brick oven.

Find a Construction Of Brick Oven Plan

Brick pizza ovens come in several shapes and sizes so you need to find a plan that meshes with your design requirements. If you are incorporating a brick oven into the kitchen of your new home construction, you may be limited to specific plans that would fit the space and safety requirements of local building codes. However, if you are looking at brick fireplace designs for an outdoor living area, you have the opportunity to choose a more elaborate plan.

What A Brick Oven Offers

Italy is world renowned for their pizza, roasted meats, focaccia and other breads, all baked in brick ovens. The wood-fired oven produces a remarkable taste unduplicated in conventional ovens. If you want to have the same experience, the construction of brick oven is the best way to duplicate it. Many Italians have round shaped pizza ovens three to four feet in diameter inside which can hold multiple items at one time. However, if you feel that you would not use that much baking space, a smaller barrel shaped oven might be more appropriate.


If you are handy around the home and can follow brick oven blueprints or design diagrams, you could build your own brick oven to bake pizza, bread and other goodies. It is a project that could take weeks on your own; however, the good news is that the materials for construction are readily available at your local home improvement centers and masonry supply companies.

Hire A Contractor For Construction Of Brick Oven 

  • However, if you want to ensure your brick pizza oven and outdoor fireplace is built properly and can pass local building codes, hire a contractor. Not only would you have peace of mind, but the project likely will go faster.
  • If you go the contractor route, you can exert some control by choosing the oven plan and brick oven blueprints yourself as well as the finishing touches such as decorative tile and bricks and other masonry details.
  • If money is an issue with a contractor, you might be able to save a little bit on your budget by building the foundation for the oven yourself. Leveling the surface and pouring a concrete foundation will save the contractor some time and you money.

Take your time and research designs and materials. Choose a location, if outdoors, far enough away from your home as well as a place free of trees and overhanging limbs for safety reasons. Envision future outdoor improvements such as a fireplace, patio or even a fire pit. You want the construction of brick oven to integrate with your current and future outdoor amenities.

The Homemade Pizza Oven Makes Any Meal Family Fun Time Building A Homemade Pizza Oven

Why would someone consider the words, how to build a pizza oven?

Hardcore pizza lovers even consider the wood fired pizza oven to be the only way to make authentic tasting pizza, and with that in mind, there are many old world Italian restaurants and pizza shops that insist you must build a wood fired pizza oven to truly make pizza

Pizza Is The New Apple Pie

In 1905 New Yorks Gennaro Lombardi was the first person to make and sell pizza in the U.S., and within a few years this tasty addition to American culture had spread through the east coast as far as Boston.

  • These old world Italian pizza makers all used the wood fired oven for making pizza and cooking in general.
  • Making pizza in these ovens made the crust of their pizza crisp, while properly heating the pizza and making the toppings chewy.
  • By the end of World War II, service men sought out the tasty pizza that they have been introduced to while fighting in Italy making the pizza as important and loved as apple pie!

The Popularity Of Homemade Pizza Ovens

The homemade pizza oven has been popular since the early 1990s with many manufactures putting their spin on the pizza oven, offering a variety of ways you can cook pizza at home, from countertop cookers to oven inserts made from stone or brick. There is even the outdoor pizza oven that can be set on your existing outdoor barbeque, and even a standalone brick model.

Pizza Ovens

The Different Uses Of Your Pizza Oven

Many health and nutrition experts also offer exciting recipes that you can use to make super nutritious varieties of pizza that can be cooked in your homemade pizza oven and frozen for quick dinners later. There are also many other ways to use your pizza oven, such as making fresh fruit tarts, pastries, and even calzones. Having a pizza oven at home is a fast, simple and inexpensive way to make fresh pizzas that your whole family will love.

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