The Cooking Convenience Of The Gas Oven

In 1826, British inventor, James Sharp patented the first gas oven, and since that time modern convenience and technology have worked together perfecting this popular cooking appliance that is almost seen as a must have requirement for home, commercial and industrial cooking.

Gas Range

The gas oven is also commonly known as a gas range, whose name was coined in the early 1900s referring to the range of cooking choices the gas powered oven offered, and even though many homes in the late 1800s to close to the turn of the century still used wood burning stoves, the modern and clean appearance of the gas oven quickly became popular and replaced the wood burning oven.

As early as the 1920s a gas oven could be found in almost every home, because the method of cooking with gas was considered far cleaner and safer than early wood, coal and soot less kerosene stoves and ovens. Even though there were a small amount of electric ovens in use, their popularity was limited as many homes outside of the big city were not wired for electricity.

Choosing The Right Gas Oven

There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a gas oven for your home, including different manufactures, colors and styles. Gas oven and gas stove reviews will provide you with information on the different brands and models available. Most home owners start the buying process based on budget and then how these potential gas ovens will fit into their kitchen. Other considerations are self cleaning ovens, combination ovens that offer overhead convection or microwave ovens with a conventional gas oven below and a broiler below that. It is also a good idea to research the energy star rating on the gas ovens and stoves you are interested in to make sure it has an efficient energy rating. Lower rated stoves and ovens will cost more in increased energy costs to operate.

Finding The Best Gas Oven Deal

Once you have selected the manufacturer and model of the gas oven you are interested in, the hardest part of buying a new stove is finding the lowest price. Using the internet will give you the opportunity to check pricing and possible in store discounts. Many of the popular appliance stores offer competitive pricing, and will even meet or beat a verified price from another store, and some stores even offer a cash back guarantee if you find a lower priced gas oven at another store. Remember to factor in gas oven repair before you decide on a model. One often struggles to find replacement parts for some of the cheaper models available on the market.

Popular Appliance Stores

With many of the more popular appliance stores competing for your business, you can even get free delivery, installation and additional discounts for purchasing full kitchen appliance sets. Other ways to shop for a gas oven is checking out the weekly newspapers and circulars for deals, sale prices, and incentives for close out or store demo models. With such a wide variety of ovens to choose from, every person should be able to find one that suits their needs perfectly. Just be sure to compare your options before making a final decision.

Heat Treating Ovens

Heat treating ovens are a common tool in the heat treat industry and are also known as draw batch furnaces or companion draw furnaces. The heat treat ovens are used for tempering, aging, annealing, normalizing, stress relief and solution treating processes.

  • Heat treating ovens are powered by direct gas fired burner that uses either natural gas or propane or with electric heating elements. There are also indirect gas fired heat treat ovens available.
  • Most of the standard heat treating ovens and carts are sized to heat treat oven baskets. With heavy plate steel outer shells, reinforces steel plate oven fronts, lined inner shells and exterior structural reinforcement these heat treat ovens are made to withstand the high heat and heavy usage that are required.
  • Heat treating ovens are used to treat tools in production for harder metal and shock resistance. They are used in many machine shops, tool and die shops, mold making shops and metal working shops to provide the benefits of heat treating to all the products created.

Using Heat Treating Ovens

  • The first step in using a heat treating oven is the hardening process, which involves heating the product to the correct temperature before quenching. Quenching is the process used to cool the metal some processes use air, oil or water. After the product is quenched it is allowed to cool to room temperature. Once cooled the product is considered fully hardened and is too brittle and hard to be used.
  • The next step is to relieve the stress on the metal while keeping the hardness and strength. This part of heat treating is called tempering, and involves re-heating the metal again to soften it somewhat. Many people use a double tempering procedure to make the tools or products more solid and strong.

Purchasing The Heat Treat Oven

When it comes to purchasing a heat treat oven there are many different sizes and price ranges as well as brands to choose from. There are many different uses for heat treating ovens that require different sizes and shapes of oven, as well as different temperature ranges to provide the correct heat treating effect on different materials. Besides heat treating ovens and carts the process of heat treating products requires trays, lifters, handling tools, and cooling vats. The process of heat treating is the process that makes it possible for tool companies to be able to provide lifetime warranties against breakage, and for construction teams to be able to count on the safety of their equipment and supports.

Heat Treat Oven

The Dangers

The heat treating process is a dangerous and exact process that is not only easy to mess up, but also requires the proper equipment and safety preparations. There are plans that you can find on the internet to make your own homemade heat treating ovens, but these can be dangerous and shouldnt be attempted by anyone who is inexperienced. On the other hand there are many reliable companies which manufacture heat treating ovens and heat treating carts to assist manufacturers of metal products with creating properly heat treated products and making sure that the products are no longer simply hard and brittle, but hard and durable.

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