Commercial Patio Heaters

With pubs and bars now unable to allow smoking on the premises, most establishments have designated outdoor smoking zones which are invariably busy, but often require some added heat. This has produced a massive increase in the use of patio and garden heaters in the hospitality industry.

Patio heaters used in commercial locations like pub or bar beer gardens are the same as those sold for domestic use. The only noticeable difference is in the size and output of the heaters. That is, very few small scale heaters appear in commercial environments, mainly because these tend to be populated by larger groups of people.


Heater Options

Both gas and halogen patio heaters can work effectively in most commercial settings. Which one a business chooses will be dependant upon purchase costs, running costs, the availability of surrounding walls and the atmosphere and ambience that the area is intended to create.

As a general guide, patio heaters that run off bottled propane or butane look better, heat effectively and can be easily configured into a space. They do however require a small amount of set-up time.

(Commercial) Electric halogen heaters are usually wall mounted, hard wired and offer radiated heat instantaneously. They tend to have a slightly lower energy consumption than gas, however they are neutral in terms of mood creation and do not result in the congregating hubs of people that tend to develop around free-standing gas garden heaters. They also have the disadvantage of looking like regular outdoor lights which does not encourage people to stand near them, or benefit from the heat that they provide.


More on Halogen

Halogen heaters can be cheap to run if a patio or beer garden is surrounded by buildings or walls that allow wall mounted heaters to be installed. These heaters are directional but effective.

Taking this approach allows the creation of a perimeter of halogen heaters that warm anything and everything that lay within their path. Halogen patio heaters can be easily switched on and off without any prepping as guests arrive and leave the heat zone.

Halogen Patio Heaters

More on Gas

Gas heaters have a more attractive appearance than their halogen counterparts and Propane and butane patio heater the glowing flame makes theses heaters feel more inviting. Hey also offer non directional heat and disperse their heat in a larger area making them highly practical for outdoor smoking areas and beer gardens.

Unlike wall mounted halogen heaters, propane and butane patio heaters can be moved around and positioned in different configuration and most have heat intensity controls. They also generate their own light and usually have separate (independent) lights included within their design.

Most gas bottle powered heaters are of a robust design and work well in creating the right kind of atmosphere during outdoor parties and celebrations. They remain the most popular style of hospitality outdoor heater and can incorporate tables in their design.


A Point to Consider

Patio heaters that use propane or butane heat the surrounding air and everything around them.

Halogen heaters only radiate heat onto the surface of anything that their rays fall on. In other words they do not heat up the area itself.

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