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Find The Best Rated Toaster

Sometimes choosing the best rated toaster oven comes down to reading toaster oven reviews, online consumer comments, and asking a lot of questions at your local appliance store. You should know that many so called toaster reviews are often biased because there are many appliance manufacturers that deploy websites and blogs that appear like there […]

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The Cooking Convenience Of The Gas Oven

In 1826, British inventor, James Sharp patented the first gas oven, and since that time modern convenience and technology have worked together perfecting this popular cooking appliance that is almost seen as a must have requirement for home, commercial and industrial cooking. Gas Range The gas oven is also commonly known as a gas range, […]

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The Popularity Of Vintage Gas Stoves

Just as the vintage refrigerator quickly became a cool must have item for sports bars, and personal rec rooms, vintage gas stoves are climbing up towards that must have list. I am sure you have seen a variety of cool restored vintage refrigerators in magazines and on TV shows, and there are even some popular […]

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Freezer Parts

How And Where To Buy Whirlpool Freezer Parts Whirlpool freezer parts are easier to come by than you may think. If there is something wrong with your freezer and you want to fix it sooner rather than later, you need to get the right parts. Buying these on your own, as opposed to through a […]

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Can Portable Wine Coolers Add Romance?

I don’t care who you are- Taking someone on a picnic with a bottle of wine is a sure fire way to add romance to any relationship. Combine sunshine, nature, good company, stimulating conversation, food, and wine and you will happily stimulate nearly every sense in the human body. It doesn’t matter if you are […]

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In The Kitchen: New Blue

For quite a while now, my kitchen has basically looked like this on one side:   and like this on the other : It’s the second picture that always bothered me. The upper cabinets were too tall (we have low ceilings) but since they came in the lot of them that we found on ebay […]

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