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How Power Pruners Bring Back the Joy in Pruning

Not every gardener, novice or professional, share the same sentiments when it’s time to prune tough woody stems using a hand pruner that leaves your hand sore after too many plants have been pruned. This applies particularly to the elderly or those suffering from arthritic conditions and hand-related accidents. Pruning becomes an unwelcome burden in […]

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Plant Pots – Get to Know the Basics

While a standard plant pot is commonly utilised to raise and display indoor and outdoor plants, smaller ones are used for seeding and raising young plants. They are usually made of clay or wood, although metal and plastic plant pots are now getting to be a common sight.​When considering a container, remember that most plastic […]

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Are You Qualified to be a Landscape Gardener?

Novice gardeners start their landscape garden project full of energy, enthusiasm and hope. Halfway through the project, they find that things are not turning out as expected and costing them more and more money. They eventually lose steam and enthusiasm, and finally throw in the towel. Costly mistakes such as these could have been averted […]

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