About Lortie

Hello, my name is Murielle Lortie and welcome to my blog “Lorti Homes Arizona”. I am a founder, editor, writer of “Lorti Homes Arizona” also the creator of “Latest Home Design Community of LA” which is fully related to interior design, kitchen decor ideas, lawn decor ideas, DIY garden project and various methods of home decoration. This page is completely dedicated to home and interior design lover and interior designer. I come from a home design background, and I graduated from The Home Decor Institute in New York. From 2014, “Lorti Homes Arizona” produced variety types of interior design article, tips and tricks of interior design, traditional design of home, modern design, most important traditional and modern mixed design, kitchen decoration ideas, how making a beautiful home for all, how to choose home decor tools and a lot more thing for interior design lover.

I love spending time with my family and friends, I have two sons, Jake and Josef. I enjoy the beach, cooking foods for family and friends, love traveling.