How to Declutter Your Home with the 80/20 Principle

How to Declutter Your Home

There’s lots of information on how to declutter your home but so much of it is more complicated than the clutter.

I went looking for something fast and easy and found what works for business worked to declutter my home. I hope it will work for you, too!

How to Declutter Your Home with the 80/20 Principle

Start With Your Closets
Closets are the perfect place for clutter to take root and multiply. The stuff you don’t want grows like mushroom in the back. Are you even sure what’s in there? Probably clothes that don’t fit and things that are out of style even if they do fit. And shoved behind those are probably some buried treasures you’ve completely forgotten about and can start enjoying again today – if you declutter your home and closets!

I think the best reason to clean out your closets and create empty space is to physically make room for the wonderful new things that will come into your life. It works – I guarantee it.

So how do you get started and what is the 80/20 Principle?

More About How to Declutter Your Home with the 80/20 Principle

It works in business and will work on your closet!
The easiest way to clean out your closets is to take EVERYTHING out. But where would you put it?

If you have a guest room, pile everything in there. If not, there’s the living room, dining room, even the garage. It’s so much easier if you start with an empty space and add back just the things that add value to your wardrobe and life.

If you’re like most people, you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. These should be neatly hung and easy to find. Getting dressed will be so easy with them organized in your clean empty closet. The same goes for purse and especially SHOES! You know you have too many shoes and they don’t fit in your closet. I actually keep the 20% I wear all the time in the hall closet by the front door. The others can look cute on shelves in my closet for the rare times I wear them.

That’s the 80/20 Principle at work.

Find Treasures When You Clean Out Your Closets

I just love what I find because it makes all the hard work of decluttering worth it. I once found a fabulous cashmere sweater that was fifteen years old and still fit perfectly! My older clothes were all made in the USA and of fabric and quality impossible to find today. You may have tailored wool pants or a silk robe you haven’t worn for year.

Try on a few things each day. If you still love them, make room in your closet. If the thrill is gone, send them off the the thrift store. The empty space in your closet is now open and attracting something better to replace it.

In The Kitchen: New Blue

For quite a while now, my kitchen has basically looked like this on one side:


and like this on the other :

new-kitchen-remodelingIt’s the second picture that always bothered me. The upper cabinets were too tall (we have low ceilings) but since they came in the lot of them that we found on ebay way back when, hubby used them. He hated to *not* use them even if they weren’t quite right. So, he made this little corner. What bothered me was that I had this whole area of countertop that I could barely use for more than a few do dads and for piling up  organization papers.

Imagine my delight when while we were away, hubby got a new – free! – microwave that got the ball rolling on a whole new kitchen project. I don’t think he knew what he was in for, and neither did I. The day we got home from vacation, he ripped down those too tall cabinets to put shorter ones in their place (that we already had in another spot that wasn’t working – more on that another day).

Of course we had painted since the installation of the cabinets which meant we needed to repaint. I figured if we had to paint, we might as well pick a new color. So, I chose Behr Cumberland Fog. You should know this about me and choosing paint. I am not one of those people that brings home sample after sample until I get a color just right. I walk into a store, pick up a handful of paint cards and choose one. The only color I’ve ever hated was one someone else made by mixing colors and chose for me. I am not the queen of choosing paint colors – I just know what I like and don’t waste time, I guess. You could show me 26 light blue paint colors and I’d love all of them so why bother wasting time making sure it’s perfect? I know I’ll like it just fine.

Hubby got to painting – which also meant that he painted all the trim white again – yay! So fresh and shiny clean looking now. Having him paint the trim sure beats me having to scrub it. Then he put up the new cabinets, built some open shelving between them and we finally had a functional space in my kitchen where I can store stuff and use the counter top for more than clutter. I also took this opportunity to make a new not clashing curtain for that little section of cabinet. A friend gave me a shower curtain she’d never taken out of the package. I didn’t need a shower curtain so I used it to make this instead.

Here’s the rest of the kitchen with the new blue paint color:

in the kitchen

That shelf in the middle of the kitchen isn’t staying. Hubby is still working on one area, so that has been floating around and I’m trying to decide if I can live with walking around a kitchen island all the time before I bite the bullet and buy the island that I love at Ikea. Enough explaining. There it is. New blue in the kitchen and some new functional counter space!