Decorate The Patio With Adirondack Furniture

An innovative designed creates outdoor furniture for his cottage more than a hundred years ago on Lake Champlain shores. This style nowadays is popular as Adirondack furniture. It is characterized by a huge curved back, mildly sloped seat and large size arms. It is still very popular in the present times.

Adirondack Furniture

It is considered to be an American classic and you will hardly see any patio or porch without some Adirondack furniture. They are very comfortable and casual but are well crafted which is an item of classic luxury. You can get Adirondack furniture pieces in the form of chairs, swings, benches, tables and even gliders. It is a piece of wood which will bring back sweet memories of summer when you enjoy a sunny picnic or a vacation by the lake. It is possible to get Adirondack furniture with a hand painted wooden look designed from resin.

It is become much easier to find Adirondack furniture online in all kinds of prices and designs with numerous furniture sites on the web. You could be looking for a rocker pair to keep in the porch or a swing in your backyard t relaxes. In fact there are chairs and sofa also to make a beautiful and relaxing backyard or you can get a few chaise lounges to place them near the pool.

The fact is whatever design you want in Adirondack furniture you are sure to find them online. It is also much easier to do comparison shopping faster as compared to walking from one store to the other. There are many more options in materials and colors when you shop online which also makes it simpler to get the furniture you really want.

When you have been able to find the exact Adirondack furniture to keep in your patio you can get matching styles of the same furniture for your children also. It may look quite interesting if you add small size table and chairs to have a tea party in the garden or you can try keeping some Adirondack chairs outside children’s playhouse. Children enjoy playing make believe games and they are sure to get excited to play on furniture which looks for elders but is in fact for them.

You may get Adirondack furniture in any style or size; it offers your home a very rugged and stylish appeal which is very welcoming.  When you create a comfortable backyard with Adirondack furniture, you will have a space where you will enjoy hanging out with others also.

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Is Your Garden Ready To Host Parties?

A garden is the perfect place to host outdoor parties. Eating outdoors brings a whole new freshness to dining. Children love to go out on picnics.

Host Parties

Dining outdoors can bring adventure and excitement to a kid’s meal experience. Children are more likely to try out new foods in this environment. With the warm weather welcoming us outdoors, having an outdoor place to dine and gather is refreshing. There are some fun easy ways to transform your garden space into the perfect entertaining area. If you do not have a garden, it is not hard to create a simple useful garden area.

To make an inviting dining and entertainment area, use the supplies that you have. Grouping chairs together to promote conversation is important.

The end result should be comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. Updating your current outdoor furniture can make all of the difference in the overall mood of the area. Try to use natural color hues and soft comfortable cushions. There are many varieties of outdoor furniture fabrics available today that are weatherproof and durable. Envision what you want your outdoor place to look like. Try to create a small oasis of warmth and joy. A person should want to sit and enjoy the natural wonder of the surrounding environment.

Some people do not have a ready made garden area. These spots are easy to create no matter how small your space. You will want to isolate a specific area to focus on if your yard is larger. The idea is to create a space where a person feels the intimacy of nature.

A few basic pieces of furniture will get you started. Decide on how you want your space to feel. If your plan is to host small dinner backyard parties for friends, go for the informal but cozy theme. You will want to add items that will add and enhance those intimate moments.

Add some potted flowers and plants if you do not have a garden area. Place these pieces of greenery to create a feeling of a small cozy retreat. Adding strategic lighting can make your entertainment linger far after the first stars begin to twinkle skyward.

This lighting can be fun pieces that will look good during the day while adding warmth and depth to your nights. A great idea is to add a small fire pit or cooking area to sit around. Outdoor garden ideas can be as creative as you make them. Happy entertaining!

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Garden Furniture Ideas… Unlimited Alternatives available

A neglected and empty garden can be transformed into a great place that can relax or entertain family members and outsiders. A garden can be the best place to extend the living space by choosing some wonderful garden furniture ideas that can completely renovate the garden and put it to great use.

Garden Furniture Ideas

The most popular patio furniture that gives a timeless mark to the garden is teak wood furniture. Teak wood furniture can be a bit expensive but unlike other wood materials it has a great value in long run and it is almost maintenance free. Teak garden furniture is known for its classic looks and it suits any theme from floral to nautical. A wide variety of teak chairs, loungers, picnic tables, side tables and benches are available to choose from.


If you find teak wood furniture to be unaffordable then you may consider using cedar which is considered a less pricey wood type. Redwood furniture is also a great choice as it naturally resists mosquitoes and insects. These wood types may not last as long as teak wood but they also serve a great purpose. Those who are really conscious about budget can go for garden furniture that is made with treated wood. As this wood have a little greenish tan state; a coat of paint will do just fine.


Decorating your garden with wicker pieces is also a great choice. You can go for a garden Lounger that will also make you comfortable when you want to lie down for some time. Wicker or Rattan garden furniture does not need a lot of maintaining and last really long. Gliders, Sun loungers, rockers, chairs and swings made of Rattan are readily available at great prices.

You can also have to look at metal garden furniture before actually buying one. Metal garden furniture is an excellent choice for those who want to have furniture that can withstand all natural elements and do not get rot. Wrought Iron furniture is a popular metal furniture choice and it easily blends around with surrounding and gives a pleasant and stylish effect. They are very comfortable choice and you can also cover them with stuffed cushions to give it even better look.

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Resin garden furniture is also a versatile choice and it can be easily molded also. Resin garden furniture gets the same look as that of Rattan pieces but is more durable than that of wicker. It is also much more lightweight than that of Iron garden furniture.

Home gardening – The best type of greenhouse

Are you someone who loves spending time in your home garden and care a lot about your plants? Does your heart sink every year when you see your plants wither unable to cope with the harsh weather? Do you need keep your plants in your home garden healthy throughout the year? Then the ideal option is to go for a Gabriel Ash greenhouse that will protect your plants from the hottest summers and the freezing winters. You can equip your Gabriel Ash greenhouse with all the necessary gadgets that will keep your home garden green and healthy throughout the year. If you install a Gabriel Ash greenhouse for your home garden, you will be able to grow almost any type of plant throughout the year and you don’t need to be too selective when selecting your plants to grow – greenhouses allow you to have a wider collection of plants.


Many people who are into home gardening these days opt for a Gabriel Ash greenhouse because growing in them is much easier than growing plants in an open environment, where we have no control over the temperature and less control over the pests. One of the best types of greenhouse for your home garden would be a wooden Gabriel Ash greenhouse. As opposed to other materials such as aluminum or PVC structures, wooden greenhouses are a lot more elegant and add extra beauty to the whole environment. If you are confused with the choice of the greenhouse type then you can safely go for a wooden greenhouse and rest assured that you have made the right choice. Wooden greenhouses use cedar wood for the construction of the frames and they are highly durable and naturally pest resistant. They have their own odor inherent to cedar, which keeps those pests away. This will be an added advantage to your home garden, as you will have less pests to deal with. Wooden greenhouses seem to be more effective when it comes to thermal efficiency. This is attributed to their inherent quality, it is a poor conductor of heat so the heat that is within your greenhouse will be retained for a longer periods in winter. During summer, it will prevent excessive heat buildup. With cedar wood, you do not have to worry about warping or rotting of the wood even if it is exposed to the harshest weather conditions. This will carry you through several years and you will have to spend very little on maintenance if any.

When you do install a wooden greenhouse, find a company that is highly reputed so that you will not have to spend a lot of money on your greenhouse and instead spend that money on acquiring more plants for your home garden. One of the most preferred names in the UK for greenhouses and greenhouse accessories is Gabriel Ash. They are the only company that is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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The Types of Home Reversion

Home reversion is when you sell your home or part of it to a Reversion company but are able to still live in your home, without paying rent for as long as you live. The money that you receive from a home reversion plan is given to you as in a monthly income, a lump sum or a combination of the two.

Home Reversion

The reversion company that handles your home will not be able to sell your home until you or your spouse dies or if you go into a nursing home for long term care. What this means for you is that you will not receive the full value of your home because the reversion company may have to wait years before selling the property and making a profit.

In addition, when you sell your home to a reversion company you become a tenant and with this agreement comes a Lifetime Lease. What this means is that you have the legal right to live in your home until you die.

But, being a tenant means that you are still responsible for the maintenance of the property and all bills and responsibilities that go with it.

Advantages of a home reversion are: no monthly payment, you have control over the property that is bequeathed to beneficiaries, pay no interest, enjoy a beneficial increase in property values and receive more cash than a lifetime mortgage.

Some disadvantages to the home reversion plan are: you won’t receive full value you’re your home, state benefits may be affected, you won’t be able to move home and the process may increase your income tax.

Equity release, also known to some as home reversion, is when money from a lender is taken from a homeowner’s home and property without moving out of the property. It is the main purpose of equity release to raise money for the homeowner, so that the homeowner can use the money for specific needs. Seniors often use this method to purchase another home or help with medical bills. However, when under home reversion, the homeowner cannot purchase another home. The money must be used to help with medicals bills or other personal needs.

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Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

The best kind of pumpkins for pumpkin pies, breads and toasting pumpkin seeds are the smaller pumpkins called Sugar Pumpkins. A favorite variety among organic gardeners is the New England Pie Pumpkin. They have a sweeter flavor than carving pumpkins and the seeds are a little smaller as well.

Pumpkin Seeds

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Ingredients:

New England Pie Pumpkin – Medium-sized

Vegetable Oil


Directions for Recipe:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove the top from the pumpkin and scoop out all the seeds.

Wash and drain the seeds in a colander

In a pan, add about 4 cups of water for every cup of pumpkin seeds.

Add 1 tbsp. salt to the water

Bring to a boil and let simmer for about 12 minutes

Remove from heat and drain well

On a cookie sheet, spread enough vegetable oil to thickly coat the bottom of the entire pan

Spread the pumpkin seeds evenly in a single layer over the cookie sheet

Bake the seeds on the top rack for about 25-30 minutes. You only want the seeds browned, so keep an eye on them so they don’t burn

Remove from oven and cool on a wire cooling rack

Your toasted pumpkin seeds are now ready to eat. You may also feed these seeds to your pet parrot or the wild birds at your feeders outside. They are a healthy, nutritious snack and a great fall baking project to do with kids.

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To give as a gift, prepare the pumpkin seeds as instructed. Using old Christmas cards, construct mini ring-sized boxes and place the seeds inside. Finish it off with a bow and it makes a great stocking stuffer. You may also use brown or white paper lunch sacks and let children decorate them by coloring, painting or gluing items to the bags. Punch two holes at the top and tie a bow through the holes.

How do you choose your Garden Furniture?

Those of us with gardens, most of the population, will probably have some sort of garden furniture to use. There are many types of garden furniture you can find such as bench, a small table and chair set, kids garden furniture or perhaps a full 10 seater garden table set.

Garden Furniture

Whatever you have, it needs to be functional, practical and suitable. Garden furniture can enhance or detract from the appearance of your garden, so choosing what’s right for you is always important. Garden furniture is a general term, which really describes any item you place in the garden, much as you would describe furniture inside the house. Anything from sundials to swing hammocks to garden swing seats can be described as garden furniture. At Garden cast   we concentrate more on the garden furniture you sit on, and so table and chairs, benches and swing benches are our main business.

If you were to start from scratch, with nothing in the garden, what would you buy? How would you choose and how much would you pay? With such a wide range of options, choosing your garden furniture could seem like a minefield, but think before you buy and have a clear idea of what you are looking for. If you are purchasing a table and chair set, how many people do you need to seat – do you entertain a lot with barbecues? Or is it just two of you most of the time. You can buy your garden furniture for any event and perhaps the next question is how much do you want to spend? Some of the cheapest garden furniture is made from “extruded aluminum” and this is also light and easily moved. Aluminum garden furniture has the beauty of little maintenance, as it will not rust and can stay outdoors all year round.

This includes cast aluminum garden furniture. Cast aluminum will probably cost more but would probably look better quality. Wooden garden furniture is another option and there are sets of garden furniture at the cheap end of the market, which will do the job. PVC furniture is now also made for the outdoor furniture market and has many designs and variations. If money is no object, then the garden furniture market offers a tremendous range of options. The larger table and chair sets tend to be expensive and will obviously require the space to put them. Garden cast specialize in the cast aluminum garden furniture range from a host of suppliers and we can give advice on what would suit you best. Prices range for a small two seater bistro set, to a full 10 seater, luxury outdoor furniture set. In summary, Garden cast can supply you with the garden furniture of your choice, with a full range of prices and materials to suit you.

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How to make wood hanging cross for Garden Shed

Garden Shed

Things you’ll need:

  • Graph paper and pencil
  • Wood scraps of pine
  • Measuring tape
  • Coping saw
  • Very small wood chisel and hammer for removing wood for notched areas (You can use a Dermal tool if you have one)
  • Small tube of strong wood glue or glue gun and appropriate glue sticks for securing wood cross
  • Small brass screw eye, about 1 “ long
  • Sanding block
  • Work gloves to protect hands while cutting wood and making notches for cross assembly
  • Wood stain to finish cross
  • Small brass chain, ribbon, or twine for hanging cross, about 12 inches long

Sketch wood cross to your desired size. Use graph paper, sketch to scale.  Follow Author’s sketch for example.  If you don’t have scrap wood, go to the closest Fort Worth Lowe’s like the one on I-30 East. They have select S4S pine material (surfaced four sides).  They will even cut pieces for you to get started. Just buy a larger piece and have them cut the horizontal and vertical cross pieces.  Layout items on your workbench or crafts table. Give yourself adequate room to carefully finish cuts for cross and notches.  Make sure glue is strong, wood glue.  Study your sketch and the Author’s drawings and plans before you start.  Start by cutting the two cross pieces (if Home Store did not cut for you), the horizontal cross and the vertical piece.   Measure twice, cut once.  Use sandpaper block to remove any splinters.

Cut notches in horizontal and vertical cross pieces. Measure carefully, following your sketch or the Author’s .  Measure twice, cut once.  Take your time with the coping saw to get the proper depth. If you have a vise, use it or make a jig for holding your cross piece in placed while cutting.  Make several cuts the width of the cross piece for the notch, then carefully remove the excess wood with the hammer and chisel or Dremel tool. Sand notches and test fit pieces together.  If necessary, adjust notch cutouts with coping saw and sanding block.

Place spot of glue on each cross notch, let set for 15 seconds, then fit together for final fitting. Be sure cross pieces are perpendicular to each other before gluing (your test fittings and rework, if necessary, should have done this).  Wipe any excess glue from cross.  Stain wood to desired color.  You can pre-stain wood before gluing if desired, leaving notched areas free of glue to allow glue to soak into wood notches. If you do this, let stain dry overnight before gluing cross pieces.  Your last action is to finger tighten the small brass screw eye into the top edge of the vertical piece of the cross, leaving the eye aligned with the vertical piece, allowing for easy hanging from a chain, ribbon, or twine.  Attach any one of these and place in small gift box for that special person to open.

Tips and Warnings:

Do make layout on graph paper of wood cross and check fitting of all pieces before you cut and assemble. Measure twice, cut once.

The cross pieces must be perpendicular to each other.

If you pre-stain wood, be sure and leave notches void of stain so glue soaks in wood.

Be careful if you decide to cut wood yourself, use some type of vise, jig, or hold firmly wearing work gloves to avoid cutting accidents.

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Decorate Your Home With Bamboo Plant

Chamaedorea erumpens or Chamaedorea seifrizii is commonly known as the “Bamboo palm” or “Reed palm.” It is a plant that can be kept inside your home, as house plants. This plant is toxic free, which means it purifies the air in your home and can increase oxygen levels. You can buy a bamboo palm and keep it as a decoration inside your home.

Bamboo Plant

Today this bamboo palm is grown in most nurseries and is very common in malls, offices, homes and courtyards. If you want to make your office or home look trendy, then buy one of these. They are beautiful plants to look at, as there are flowers that grow on them. They stand out in any home, especially in a large entrance hallway. These plants are mostly used indoors, as they like shade, but they still can have some high sunlight around them.

Bamboo palm will develop light green stalks from which fronds of feathery leaves protrude. This plant can grow up to seven feet tall if it is allowed to thrive. It eventually grows and resembles a thicket of bamboo. It is a plant that can be grown anywhere, even outside of the home like the garden area.

This plant is native to Central and Southern America. The bamboo palm evolved as a shrub in the rainforest. It, also, likes indirect light, and it needs soil which is moist, rich and loamy soil like the native soil from the rainforest.

These plants should be fertilized every summer. It is important to empty the drain pan under the pot after watering, or to water bamboo palms in the sink and allow them to drain completely. This will ensure that their roots are never exposed to standing water, as a bamboo palm does not like to sit in water for too long. It is, also, important not to over water these plants, because the tips of the leaves will start to turn yellow and the new leaves will grow looking very pale. Bamboo palms naturally shed their leaves, as they grow, developing leaves, which start to yellow and brown. Pruning dead bamboo palm leaves away is important, as it allows the plant more light.

They are, also, at risk of mites. This can be prevented by washing the plant with mildly soapy water once every few weeks.

Pet owners should know that the fruit of the bamboo palm, along with its leaves, is toxic to many animals. So, maybe it is best you do not have these plants in your home if you own a pet.

If you wish to buy one of these plants, then it is best to speak to one of the staff in the shop where you want to purchase it and ask their advice on how to look after the plant. Once you take it home, place it near some sunlight, but not too much of it. It is recommended by many stores that you place it in a large area with space, so that you can let the bamboo palm grow.

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Plants For Hot Dry Gardens

Rising concerns about the availability of clean water along and rising water bills make homeowners think twice about planting water-guzzling lawns and thirsty plants.

Dry Gardens

Save money and learn about your soil and climate before you begin gardening. For instance, sandy soil holds very little moisture or nutrients, and requires more water and plant food. Clay soil holds more water, unless it has remained dry for several weeks and it is baked hard, then rain water will run off before it is absorbed. Choose the right plants for your soil and climate and your watering worries will vanish.

Here is a list of drought resistant plants that also do well in a very hot climate:


Yucca: Full Sun: These plants require very little in the way of water or chemicals to thrive. They have a distinctive ‘dessert’ look, with modest spear shaped leaves. In early summer they produce a flower stalk up to five feet in height that produces creamy white bell-shaped flowers. Place this plant where you want a bit of drama and at the back of your border or the center of a circular or oval flowerbed as it will make a great centerpiece.

Sedum: Full Sun – You can find dozens of types of sedum. Some are tiny ground covers with shallow roots. Basket of Gold is pale green with cheery yellow flowers that bloom in summer. Dragon’s Blood has red tinged foliage, If you search on line, you will find many different colors of sedum ground covers, including one that is a blue spruce color. They quickly fill in an area and crowd out weeds. Autumn Joy becomes a small shrub and adds a splash of color to the garden in late summer with pale purple flower heads. There are many varieties to choose from and they love dry, sunny areas. Plant the taller varieties and ground covers together using the colors and heights that appeal to you.

Cactus – Full Sun: This perennial is an excellent choice, many cacti thrive even in very cold climates. There is a wide variety to choose from, just make sure they grow in your gardening zone.

They do have nasty thorns, ranging from long pointed thorns that can pierce the skin along with tiny hair-like thorns that seem to attack you should you get too close, so keep this in mind when choose their location. The best dry gardens tools to uses on these prickly beauties are long barb-b-cue tongs and heavy gloves. They are extremely easy to plant, some simply require that you remove the weeds from an area, rough up the soil and toss the cactus pads onto the soil.

As a side note, cacti are also a good choice to use as a burglar repellent, as most folks don’t mess with his plant . . . at least not for very long. It is also a good plant to deter pets from digging.

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Corydalis – Shade. This is an excellent choice for shady areas that become very dry between rains. It’s fern-like foliage and tiny yellow or blue flowers that bloom from very early spring well into summer. Corydalis forms clumps or mounds about eight inches tall as it spreads, but is not invasive. They are a beautiful when planted along a walkway or around the edge of a flowerbed.


Nasturtium requires very little water or attention and it’s rounded leaves and fragrant, edible flowers make it an excellent garden addition. The bright orange, yellow, maroon or creamy white flowers add a splash of color wherever they’re planted. There are also climbing varieties that need a light trellis or low fence for support.

Cosmos is a tall, elegant plant with very delicate fern-like foliage. These too are excellent when added a perennial or cottage garden. They can grow fairly tall, up to five feet, and occasionally need a bit of support if planted in a windy location. Cosmos have large daisy-like flowers in white, purple, magenta and color blends. Every cottage garden or flowerbed is more lovely with a sprinkling of cosmos. Leave the seed heads on in fall and they will most likely produce seeds that sprout near the area of the original plant. You can also collect the seeds in early fall, once they are dry and begin to fall from the plant. Plant the saved seeds the next spring, after the soil has warmed up and you’ll have plenty of new cosmos.

Portulaca looks much like sedum, grows low to the ground and produces colorful blooms that look like a blend of a poppy and a rose. They are sometimes called Moss Rose. These are very drought tolerant plants. The colors of the flowers are bright and cheery and include white, deep pink, orange, maroon, apricot and brighten up the front of a flower garden or along the edge of the sidewalk. The blossoms close up in late afternoon, so keep that in mind if you want to be greeted by a lot of color when you arrive home from work or very early in the early evening.

Marigolds offer a low, compact plant with attractive foliage with yellow, orange, maroon, or multi-color flowers. They brighten up the edge of a slower bed and are also recommended as a companion plant for vegetables.

Do a bit of research or call your county’s extension service and ask them for a list of plants that work best in your area. You may even reap monetary rewards, as communities such as Las Vegas for instance, residents are offered tax credits for planting native plants that require very little water and thrive in the heat.